Solution Portfolio

  • Mobile Apps & mSites.

    AURA specialises in development of location-aware applications for mobile & tablet, both iOS and Android. Be it native, hybrid or web apps; AURA can develop the best mobile solution for your business, audience and your budget.
  • Digital displays (Home)

    Transform static signage into a dynamic two-way communication channel. Manage content publishing across your entire screen network from one central web-based publishing platform.

  • AudioZones™

    AudioZones™ utilises directional sound to surprise & engage passing shoppers through delivery of audio messages to shoppers in the retail precincts.
  • Augmented Reality (AR)

    Create captivating 'augmented reality' experiences delivered via mobile, web-cam or kiosks. Combine 'image recognition' technology to bring your packaging, print ads or retail signage to life, or provide shoppers with intelligent mobile way-finding services.
  • Wireless hotspots

    Interactive wireless hotspots provide free internet connectivity and location-based information services for consumers. Connect with consumers 'on-the-go' while they are in your retail precinct or your next event activation.
  • Projection systems

    Create memorable brand experiences that drive foot traffic and sales to your store. Transform any shop floor, centrecourt or event activation zone into an unforgettable interactive experience for shoppers & patrons.