What we do

Consumers buy product, share positive recommendations and become loyal supporters when your marketing activities engage them in an entertaining way while delivering a clear and useful message.

Increasingly brands are replacing their traditional advertising with interactive and mobile media because it works. The challenge is to know which technology is appropriate for the brand/product, and which combination of technologies will work best.

At AURA that’s our job – to identify what will bring you closer to your customers, to understand current consumer trends and behaviours and to deploy integrated technology solutions that achieve your strategic goals.

We bring the best, proven technologies from around the world and help you make sense of them so that you feel confident that they will deliver the results you need. We assist you to integrate diverse technologies into your marketing program. We identify ways to extend the reach of your communications by plugging the solutions into multiple media channels and social platforms. We provide you with web-based tools to monitor and measure the performance and effectiveness.

Our over-riding concern is that, whatever technology you select, it must contribute to your ultimate aim of increasing sales while encouraging brand loyalty. AURA’s solutions will become part of your business and the way you interact with your customers.


  • Mobile & tablet apps and mSites

    With consumer web-browsing patterns quickly shifting to mobile and tablet devices from their desktop PC, it is essential for all companies to have a mobile-optimised website to ensure the best user experience. AURA provides a range of software development services from simple or complex mobile-optimised websites through to sophisticated native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS and AndroidOS. Beyond mSites and apps, our more complex software development solutions include web service integrations and bespoke Content Management Systems that deliver real-time updates across your online presence.

  • Interactive digital displays & signage platforms

    Attract consumers and transform your retail space and static store displays. Take your current touch screen kiosks to the next level by using large LCD/LED touchscreens or multiple screens creating a 'video wall' that allows both touch and gesture-sensitive interaction. Announce new products and time-sensitive promotional offers. Promote multiple brands or products via an animated show reel. Strengthen your relationships with shoppers in innovative and entertaining ways at the point-of-purchase.

  • SMS/MMS/IVR messaging services

    AURA provide a range of interactive messaging services to assist retail brands and businesses communicate with their customers, extending their communications and marketing strategies. From database acquisition to digital content distribution through to customer loyalty and retention programs, we can integrate a range of suitable modules that include competitions, voting, broadcast messaging, in-app notifications, and geo-targeted push messages.

  • Augmented reality & Gesture-tracking

    AURA can bring your packaging, print ads, and retail signage to life via mobile, tablet, web-cam or kiosk using Augmented Reality (AR) technology . The interactive experience begins when the user downloads an application. Once the app is opened, the user points their phone at an image/barcode on your packaging. The app recognises the image and triggers the AR application to overlay your product message onto the real-world view of their phone. This can be in the form of dynamic images, 3D graphics and/or information.  

  • Interactive projection systems

    AURA's interactive projection solutions can transform any shop floor, mall centre court or event activation zone into an unforgettable interactive experience for shoppers and event patrons. Interactive projections can display your logo, brand imagery, video or games onto floors, walls and windows - in fact any environment with low-level ambient light. Your customer can interact with these projected images/videos and trigger a variety of visual effects. Each interaction turns into a magical and immersive sensory experience, extending the engagement period and deepening the emotional connection with brand, subtly conveying the marketing messages that are most important to the brand and store.

  • Wireless hotspots & Proximity marketing

    Interactive zones (i-Zones®) are Wi-Fi® & Bluetooth® hotspots that can be temporarily of permanently located in shopping centres, cinemas, airports, universities, street furniture, sports stadiums, information kiosks, cafes, bars and visitor attractions. AURA's sophisticated i-Zones® platform is permission-based and privacy compliant, enabling brands and content providers to engage and interact with consumers via their mobile device. This offers a new, direct communication channel to deliver location-based information and free internet browsing. Reporting tools then provide accurate and real-time measurement of each interaction or campaign, ensuring ROI accountability.